Welcome to my site. I hope you will enjoy your visit. You may be here for many different reasons - to commission a painting, to browse my work currently for sale, to view my work old and new, to book a tutorial or arrange to visit my studio - I hope you will find what you are looking for, if not please contact me.

Galleries and professionals, please click here for Artist's Resume and gallery information  


Other Workshops

I lead regular workshops every month in the area of Cambridge and North Suffolk.

If you are interested please contact me.

email.  trevorozzi@icloud.com

Mobile 07850410053



I am tutoring a painting holiday in a beautiful area of the The Algarve. This in September 2019

If you are interested please contact me

Travelling Tutor

I enjoy the opportunity to travel and tutor individuals and groups.

Having traveled in the last year to groups in Virginia Water, Portsmouth both groups have now booked return workshops.

I have also traveled to Devon, the Isle of Wight and Yorkshire as well as throughout East Anglia to tutor individuals.

Please contact me if you would like to

discuss tuition.

email trevorozzi@icloud.com

mobile 07850410053