I’ve been compulsively creating paintings since I was 5 years old. However, most of my work life was spent in education, but in recent years I decided to change direction and follow my passion for creating paintings brimming with life, light and colour, full time. I’ve kept my finger in the pie of education through the art tutorials I offer, but really it is just an excuse to do something I love - coaxing the unique creative spirit of each student into full bloom! Why copy when you can create?

I find light, colour and the reaction of people, particularly children in a marine environment fascinating. To create a painting which captures a moment but shows a personality is very special. My fascination started as I watched my daughter growing.  I loved the way her personality developed and, with the development, her body changed, the way she moved and stood. I have found the opportunity to produce paintings that capture a moment, be that a child at play or a the play of light on freshly picked apples is a constant source of joy.

And also...

Why the pre-romantic view of the artist..... I think that the artist can be part of a community, part of the collective expression. That interacting with the community, either collectively or individually through a commission or project is an important part of the work of some artists.  The romantic view of the artist in isolation driven to create from a unique part of their soul with a tortured soul to match is only part of the creative spark. To work in collaboration to create or interpret something that helps to express a significant vision for an individual or group is also a valid part of some artists work. 

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