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The page "heading only" is a good place to start a new page, copy it, edit the new page.

Lots of stuff on here is created with the panel widget .     Use margins to resize it.

Columns are handy to split a page up, just keep adding columns within columns to get multiple ones

So create a panel then put margins inside it.

REMEMBER   Columns / Panels / text boxes ALL have margins.

Had trouble remembering how I created the panels on the home page so ..... 

Create Columns if you need them, Put a panel in each one, put text widgit in the panels then put text and pics in there,

Insert a panel and control it's position with the margins or spacing in the panel edit , which determine the space OUTSIDE the panel, so to place it on the right create a large (50?) margin on the left.  Use edit to control colour, corners etc, there's a preset to start it of but they don't have names!

Spacing controls the height and width, us minimum height (scroll down) specify size.  Bear in mind it may be slightly different when published ! Make sure the units (vh / px) are the same when trying to match things up.  Basically to match 2 panels side by side, start big say 70 (min height) and reduce each one bit by bit.

To populate it , put a text widgit in and put images in from the black margin above, float it left or right.  Put text in next , all can be altered from the same menu.


In the product names Yola ignores multi spaces and closes words up.   So use the null character ... Alt 0 , that works!

Heading 5 & 6  is dark blue #474bba

Header & Content Background is pale blue #E7E7F0      Panel Backgrd is white #fafafa

Style (font & colours) can be changed for the whole site or just within a panel? TAKE CARE.  Individual bits can be changed in the normal way (highlight) but us the black text menu to do this.



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